Step 16: Watch your thoughts!

Watch your thoughts!


We are what we think!

Get rid of the negative thoughts. Forget about eating with guilt. I don’t think it is guilt, to begin with. I believe it’s fear because we are afraid of gaining weight every time we eat. Nevertheless, it is such a strong feeling that what we fear always comes true.

Have positive thoughts instead. Visualize yourself as thin as you want to be. Feel your thinness!

Enjoy everything you are doing to lose weight. Express that joy! Enjoy everything you eat and do it happily and slowly, savouring every single bite.

Enjoy cooking and preparing your new recipes, if this is the case. Otherwise, enjoy buying all that nutritious food and, during the whole process, imagine how these new recipes are working inside your body to make you burn fat. Visualize your body losing weight and fat while you eat due to all the benefits of the food you’re eating. (Which you’ll find in this Blog)

Love the whole process from the bottom of your heart.

Meditation is always a good choice to achieve having a positive mind and thoughts. I recommend Mindfulness Meditation. It is easy: for starters, all you have to do is think and concentrate on the food you eat and all its benefits, as well as how easy it is for you to moderate yourself.

The last and most important step is: Love yourself! Love yourself deeply, feel that great love deep inside your heart exploding and filling your whole body. Once your love has filled your body, imagine that love going out from your body enlighting all your surroundings and the people around.

Again, Mindfulness Meditation may be a big help in achieving this love for yourself.

And, the book I am Love … I am Success will take you step by step through this loving yourself process.

I am Love … I am Success!


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