Why did I get fat in the very first place?

Why did I get fat in the very first place?

Well, you might not believe what I am about to say, but the reason you get fat was not deficient nutrition or lack of exercise or your genes or complexion.

To begin with, you knew you were gaining weight. You knew it was bad for your health. And you kept eating though. Why?

What made you gain weight was the Abandonment Syndrome; fear; painful experiences; lack of love, protection and self-value … All these caused unconscious impulses manifested in unhealthy and deficient nutritious habits.

Painful experiences are not here to stay. They are meant to teach us different lessons during our lives and then disappear. Nevertheless, our emotional drain system does not always work as we need it to work. Then, unconsciously, we try to dissolve all those painful feelings and thoughts through our digestive system. Since we cannot process sadness, rage, frustration, insecurity, low self-esteem, unworthiness, fear, … unconsciously, we try to eat them and swallow them.

Overweight will “magically” vanish the moment our Inner Child realises that all those feelings belong to the past, that they are history, and that that little child is safe now. Then, that little, hurt child will stop growing as body fat.

The very moment the adult starts recognising, protecting, loving and taking care of that little vulnerable child, the moment the fat and weight will “magically” start to disappear.

Fat is the physical expression of that “protective shield” you have built to make sure you don’t get hurt, even though that “shield” has caused more pain and trouble in your life.

This is my proposal:
Give your Inner Child peace and emotional freedom by destroying that shield of fat. The name of that shield is: shame, rage, fear, resentment, injustice, unprotection, separation, abandonment, exhaustion, distress, inferiority complex, insecurity, low self-esteem, anguish, lack of value, … In a few words: absence of love for yourselves!

Fat had penetrated your conscious mind before it accumulated inside your body. Overweight will leave your body as soon as the weight of those painful feelings and thoughts disappear from your mind. Just like that!

The book I am Love … I am Success talks about the Inner Child and explains how to love yourself to make all those painful feelings disappear, and as a consequence lose weight!

I am Love … I am Success!


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