Hydrated Skin

Hydrated Skin




Once again, simple tricks to be prettier and look younger every day.

Now, it is the watermelon turn. We all love watermelons. They are delicious and bring a lot of water to our organisms since they mostly water.

Well then, we are going to make the most out of it. First, we are going to use the peel.

Cut the watermelon into slices and take off all the red pulp from the peel, leaving the white area only. Rub it on your clean face skin and leave for as long as possible. You can repeat the process several times before you rinse your face. You can either rinse with water or use a cotton soaked in your favourite face lotion.

Voila! Your skin will be more hydrated, the more you follow this process.




I am Love I am Success!

Remember that loving ourselves means taking care, pampering and enjoying our health and our bodies, looking good and feeling good to please ourselves in the very first place and then to please others. The book I am Love … I am Success takes you through the path of that love for ourselves!


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