Capsule December 12

Capsule RadioFórmula  

December 12



Minute 5′


Hi! Everybody, this is Cristina Aguilera. This time we will continue giving great beauty tips for this Christmas season.

Now, it’s olive oil’s turn. How olive oil can help to avoid frizz and dryness, turning our hair into healthy shininess.

Olive oil nourishes moisturizes and aids our bodies in several ways every time we ingest it, and we rub it all over our skin.

Right after taking a shower and washing your hair apply 3 to 5 drops of olive oil on the wet palm of your hand. Rub both palms together to even the oil on both palms. Then rub the oil on all the hair, especially the ends. Ready, dry and do your hair as usual.

The result will be moisturized shiny nourished hair with no frizz.

Visit the post: Luminous and shiny hair to check the details.

Thanks a lot. I am Cristina Aguilera. Until next time.



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