What is losing weight without dieting!

What is losing weight without dieting?



LOSING WEIGHT WITHOUT DIETING is all about LOVING OURSELVES to begin with and then, as a consequence, eliminating all that weight we do not want effortlessly. 

The program teaches us how to enjoy food every day without guilt, fear or regret. Just by following some simple tricks.  

The first one is to love ourselves truly. Why is this so important? Because when we actually love ourselves, we do take care of our body, mind and soul, which automatically leads us to a state of homeostasis. The later is the perfect state where we achieve compleat HEALTH as well: 



Hence, losing weight and loving ourselves come hand in hand. Extra weight can be the result of negative thoughts, lack of love, rejection, sadness, loneliness, regret, resentment, hate, frustration, bitterness, fear, negative beliefs towards ourselves and then towards others and our surroundings. Some of these feelings might have been inside us for ages, some others perhaps, were there a long time ago but never solved. All these feelings have negative impacts on our bodies and health in one way or another.  

Every single cell in our body reacts to everything our mind says. Negativity weaknesses our immune system. 

This program, together with the book I AM LOVE … I AM SUCCESS, shows us the way to start LOVING OURSELVES and therefore losing weight. The method includes: 

  1.  Weekly program to follow step by step to changing our habits into healthier ones, without rushing but never regaining the lost weight.  
  2. Losing weight without doctors*, without suffering, without damaging our body, but working unsolved issues and releasing unnecessary burdens instead. Becoming happy and fulfilled persons filled with joy, excitement and love.
  3. It has some delicious and easy recipes filled with flavour to enjoy with friends and family while we are losing weight.
  4. We will also find some extra information from Harvard Medical School that supports the program.
  5. Here we can read about some foods and the benefits they bring to our body and health. 
  6. There are also some yoga tips to release stress which plays a big part in gaining and losing weight. 
  7. Contains a Metaphysics section with decrees or affirmations to help us lose weight and increase our love for ourselves.

Thank you very much for joining our group, and I sincerely hope we can all fulfil our deepest wishes! 


*Unless you are currently suffering from a medical condition.

**To know more about homeostasis, consult the book I am Love … I am Success!

I am Love …  I am Success!

Remember that loving ourselves means taking care, pampering and enjoying our health and our bodies, looking good and feeling good to please ourselves in the very first place and then to please others. The book I am Love I am Success takes you through the path of the love for ourselves!  


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