How to work out when time is the issue

How to work out when time is the issue


Time seems to be the problem every time we want to start a workout routine. But there are some strategies we can implement to begin a healthier, more active life. For example:

  1.  When you are at the office, do a mini-workout every time you go to the bathroom.
  2. Stand while you’re on the phone, and pace the room while you’re in a conference.
  3. Do a 15 or 10-minute workout routine two or three times a day instead of a long 45-minute one. 
  4. Going up, always use the stairs, never the elevator. Always use the elevator to go down to protect your knees. 
  5. In case you are forced to use escalators or walking bands, never stand-still, move: walk or climb up.  
  6. Try parking as far as possible from the entrance so you can walk.
  7. While you are sitting down, stretch every 30 minutes or so. Stretch your arms to the sides, twisting them at the same time. Then hold your hands together at your back, and up, stretching your whole column and belly.
  8. Raise your arms over your head, intertwining your fingers, pulling your torso up squeezing your buttocks and engaging the abdominals as far as you can.  If you can, stand on your tiptoes. 
  9. Following, do your legs. Pull your torso up and shoulders back engaging your abdominals and squeezing your buttocks. Raise and stretch the right leg and then the left one. Continue with both legs at the same time. Hold each time for a count of 30. If you are in a meeting, do not kick the person in front!
  10. Another stretch: pull your shoulders back as far as you can while pulling your whole torso up engaging the abdominals at the same time. 
  11. * Practice belly breathing. Do it several times deeply and slowly to relax, and then do small quick ones pulling the belly as far in as possible as you exhale. Keep doing it at least for 3 minutes.

Well, these are some ideas to be active the whole time. I’m pretty sure you will be able to come with some other insightful ideas for you to remain fit. 


* Check the entry:  Belly breathing, at the YOGA section of this Blog.

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