Building Willpower: Easier than you think!




We’ve already given some ideas about building will power. This Blog’s main principle is  taking small steps into losing weight so that they will easily become part of our daily, regular lives. As a consequence, will -power will come along by itself.

Deepak Chopra’s philosophy is based on this principle. Let’s review his ideas about creating a new healthier lifestyle:

To create a positive lifestyle we have to cultivate an environment that makes positive choices easy, natural, and fun.

The first step is to stop thinking in terms of discipline and self-control instead we need to create a matrix or an arrangement for daily living that will support healthy decision making.

We need to start by building our own personal matrix, or in other words, by living inside a set up that makes positive choices easier.

Main Key: Live in an environment where the mind can consciously and freely choose the most beneficial things to restore and maintain balance.

A truly sustainable matrix is flexible to individual needs and celebrates a life well lived. Most importantly, a sustainable matrix is built by small and gradual changes.

Centring thought: “My little changes amount to big benefits.”

Mantra: RAM – “Everything I desire is within me.”


Well then, let’s follow this Blog’s Step by Step Program in order to achieve that healthy body and mind we have always wanted.


I am Love … I am Success!

Remember that loving ourselves means taking care, pampering and enjoying our health and our bodies; looking good and feeling good to please ourselves in the very first place and then to please others. The book I am Love … I am Success takes you through the path of love for ourselves!


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