According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN), dark chocolate contains 1,664 milligrams (mg) of polyphenols per 100 grams (g). That puts it in eighth place out of the top 100 foods. Cocoa powder, the root of dark chocolate’s power, comes in fourth, at 3,448mg per 100g. And the best thing about cocoa powder is that it has no sugar at all! This means we don’t get those extra calories we do not want or need.

How to eat cocoa powder without getting in all the baking or cooking trouble?

Easy! Just add it to anything you like, for example:

1. Coffee. You can add cocoa powder into your coffee, but, since cocoa powder doesn’t dissolve in water, I suggest you take a little bit of whole milk or coffee cream to dissolve the cocoa powder before adding it to the coffee.…/coffe: delicious and actually healthy/…/chocolate/

2. Toast. Enrich your morning toast sprinkling some cocoa powder after you butter it, or better of, use some ghee instead. Adding also some cinnamon will bring up that extra twist to your bread.…/ghee/

3. French toast. Do exactly the same thing as with toast.

4. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of flan, ice cream, whipped cream, gelatine, etc.

5. Sugarless cocoa: Make your own cocoa recipe with cold or hot milk and cocoa powder, and you may add some extra nutritious flavour such as mint, or orange zest. Or you can also add some fancy liquor like Grand Marnier, Frangelico, Amaretto, or your favourite cognac.

How to use cocoa powder in a rich Mask?

1 Tbs. Powdered Sugar
1 Tbs. Cocoa Powder
1 tsp. Honey
A few drops of Lemon or Lime Juice

Mix all the ingredients until they form an even paste. Apply all over your face and neck, and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. You can make the same recipe for your whole body using Brown Sugar instead of powdered.

Spring is close, so enjoy and flaunt your soft and hydrated skin!


I am Love … I am Success!

Remember that loving ourselves means taking care, pampering and enjoying our health and our bodies; looking good and feeling good to please ourselves in the very first place and then to please others. The book I am Love … I am Success takes you through the path of love for ourselves!


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