People see you just the way you feel!

People see you just the way you feel!


This Blog is all about improving our health and feeling good. Several times along this Blog we have stated:

We are what we eat!
We are what we think!

What we think and what we eat will determine our health and physical appearance, hence how we feel. Strength is provided by complete and balanced nutrition.

Good nutrition also generates beauty. Our skin is smooth and glows; our hair is soft and shiny; our muscles are fit and strong.

Strength is power. When we feel good, strong, fit and attractive, people will see the same.

When our digestive tract is not functioning properly, inflammation may appear. Our belly will distend. Or bad breath may appear, among some other symptoms. Therefore, it is very probable that pain will appear as well. These symptoms will make us feel unattractive and bad, then people around will perceive that something is wrong no matter how much we try to hide it behind a big smile. People will feel something is wrong.

On the contrary, when our digestive tract is functioning well due to balanced and proper nutrition, we will be healthy and feel good, strong, beautiful, confident, with high self-esteem.* People will feel attracted to us. We will have the strength to empower ourselves, to lead. Empowerment and leadership come very close together.

We are going to devote the next entries of this Blog to feeling good, beautiful and attractive.



I am Love … I am Success!

*The book I am Love … I am Success teaches us how to develop all these feelings inside ourselves and more.
Check the entrances:
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*Glowing skin and shiny hair
*More about inflammation
*Foods that fight inflammation
*Tips to fight inflammation
*Tricks to shed pounds
*Always have a good breakfast
*Why did I get fat in the very first place?
*Step Thirteen – Week 13: Basic principles to a healthy flat gut!


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