Sales, finances and gut health

Sales, finances and gut health


Perhaps this title sounds a little odd. What does gut health have to do with finances and sales?

Well, believe it not, more than you can imagine. Why?

Being an entrepreneur sounds as sophisticated and wonderful as it gets. But once the ship has sailed, the burdens and responsibilities to keep the ship afloat besides the resulting distress, frustrations and disappointments can mine our overall health starting with our gut. Either we skip meals, or we start compulsively eating, or we just don’t eat at all, or we turn our eating schedule upside down.

The question here is what may happen to our health when we acquire these kinds of eating patterns? And, most importantly, how does it affect our thinking process?

Businesses and enterprises are all about financing and sales.

Developing new markets and getting new customers is to bring the needed resources for the business to stay afloat and make money.

But what happens when our business is not doing that well? When we can`t find new clients or enter new markets? And banks, suppliers and employees are waiting to be paid?

Then, we start worrying. Our stomachs and our hearts are the first to suffer. We stop sleeping as well. All these symptoms may cause a number of digestive and cardiovascular diseases, along with a lack of energy and tiredness. And, of course, as a consequence, our concentration and thinking processes are not as fluent as they should be affecting this way our decision making.

Successful growing businesses – or very high responsibility positions – might also produce similar effects to our health due to the lack of time to attend so many clients, projects, partners, negotiations, meetings, and all those commitments related to our jobs.

In this Blog, we will find different eating tips and techniques on how to prevent all these adverse effects keeping ourselves healthy, fit and with a clear mind.

I am Love … I am Success!

Check the coming entrance:  Tips for healthy eating out of home



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