Losing Weight and Gaining Weight!

Losing Weight and Gaining Weight is what this Blog is all about!


Most people are worried about gaining weight because they want to lose weight. But there are others who are actually trying to gain weight.

You might think this Blog is only devoted to those who want to lose weight. Nevertheless, the bits of advice herein presented work both ways. It is all about nutrition and eating the right foods to become a healthier person whether we want to lose or gain weight. It is all about achieving our ideal weight.

Gaining weight can become very tricky because we can fall into eating foods that are harmful to our health and our body, and sometimes, in the long run, we might even get the adverse effect.

Let’s review some tips for those who aim to gain weight:

1. Always have a good breakfast.
Step 15
2. Eat lots of protein in every meal.  Check the entrance:
A PROTEIN BOMB: Portobello Sandwich
3. Consume healthy fats. See:
Step 14: How to burn fat eating fat!
4. Increase all kinds of nuts, almonds, peanuts, raisins, and dried fruits intake.
5. Include whole grains in our daily diet.
6. Work out! Protein and exercise both build muscle. Do not go for cardio, go for weightlifting, lunges, squats and pushups instead.  See the entrances:
Tricks to shed pounds! (These tricks work both ways: to gain and to lose pounds)
Step Nine
7. Consume Probiotics and Prebiotics. Check:
Tips to Fight Inflammation: New Information from Harvard Medical School
The Traditional Probiotic: SAUERKRAUT
Foods that Fight Inflammation: Harvard Medical School
Prebiotics and Probiotics together in a delicious and healthy snack!

Continue to check the different entrances from this Blog, and you will find many tips and valuable information that will help you achieve your ideal weight!

I am Love … I am Success!

Gaining or losing weight is all about loving ourselves because we are taking care of our bodies. The book I am Love … I am Success will show you how!

See the entrance: Why did I get fat in the very first place?


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