Step 19: Not Do’s to lose weight!

Step 19

Not Do’s to lose weight!



1. Don’t need to do a lot of cardio

2. Don’t rely solely on exercise. Remember the ratio: 80% nutrition and 20% exercise! (See the entrance: Three basic principles to a healthy flat gut!)

3. Don’t cut on Protein

4. Don’t strive for a six-pack

5. Don’t have to give up gluten

6. Don’t skip meals

7. Don’t have to overload on protein either.

8. Don’t have to abstain from fruit

9. Never skip breakfast

10. Do not buy smoothies at stores because they are usually packed with calories and sugars. Prepare your own smoothies at home.

11. Do not have a small breakfast. Remember: “Breakfast like a king (700 calories), lunch like a prince (500 calories) and dine like a pauper (200 calories)”

12. Do not eat commercial flavoured Greek yoghurt, they have high amounts of added sugar, artificial ingredients and thickeners, turning them into junk food. Opt for low-sugar, protein-packed plain Greek yoghurt. Always check the ingredients.

13. Do not drink beverages with added whipped cream and syrups like specialty coffee or green tea drinks, and if you want almond or soymilk always ask for the unsweetened ones. “The fat and sugar combination is a lethal weapon.”

14. Do not trust cereals “high fibre” or “whole grain” claims, always read the labels and nutritional facts and look for at least 4 grams of fibre.

15. Do not starve!

16. Do not desperate!

17. Do not obsessed


I am Love … I am Success!

Remeber to always start by loving yourself!  The book I am Love … I am Success will tell you how!


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