Step 18: How to build willpower to lose weight!

How to build willpower to lose weight!


Some people say that relying on willpower to lose weight is just an illusion because deciding to start a plan to lose weight is as hard as it gets. Not mentioning how hard it is to hang in there!

The word diet itself is awful and hard for our minds! The minute we hear the word “diet” the minute we get hungry.

That is why in this Blog we avoid the “D” word. That is the reason for this Blog to exist: forbid dieting and learning how to eat healthily and have a healthy lifestyle instead, without suffering!

Here are some tips and ideas that might help you to decide to start a healthier life and nutrition:

L0VE YOURSELF! Wanting just the best for you. Loving yourself will drive you to do what’s best for you.*

Stop procrastinating! How?
1. Practice Mindfulness Meditation. (See Step Three)
2. Live in the HERE and NOW: The past is HISTORY, the future is a MISTERY, and the present is a PRESENT! LIVE NOW, LIVE THE PRESENT, ENJOY THE PRESENT!!!
3. DO NOT punish yourself for not doing it. Be kind and loving to yourself.
4. Reward yourself with something you love every time you accomplish a goal, or every time you have the strength to say “NO” to eating something you know is bad for you, or every time you lose a pound, or even just for starting a healthier diet and lifestyle!
5. Practice the exercises form the book I am Love … I am Success.
6. Here’s an idea: Every time you feel like buying fatty food or a sweet beverage or junk food, look at the price and think about something you would want to buy but you can’t afford, take the amount of money they cost and save it. Then when you have enough, buy that item you want!  Reward yourself!

Guilt is forbidden! For starters, I believe it is FEAR because we are convinced food will make us fatter.

Practising Yoga or Tai Chi  will make us stronger in every sense of the word: physically and mindfully. They both help us to relax avoiding anxiety, they help to develop discipline, and they can improve cognitive fuction! 

Change your lifestyle and combine different methods.  I know, change is difficult!  The book I am Love … I am Success will guide you towards a different healthier life.

Avoid buying junk food.

Enjoy every step of the way!  (See the entrance: Watch your thoughts!)

Get plenty of restful sleep.

Lose the scale! Stop weighing yourself

Stop obsessing!

Do it step by step. Slowly but constantly … and thin you will forever be!


I am Love … I am Success!

*The book I am Love … I am Success will guide you step by step to start truely loving yourself.


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