Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast


On Step !5: Always have a good breakfast, we established the importance of having a good and complete breakfast. The first meal of the day should include protein, carbs, fat, fruit, and some fresh greens and vegetables.

We hear everywhere how the Mediterranean diet is considered to be the healthiest, but no one talks about the wisdom and discipline of the Japanese people reflecting in their daily diet.

This time we will see a traditional Japanese breakfast that is served by five stars hotels in Japan.

They may seem incredibly odd and big, but they happen to be nutritious and complete because they include protein, probiotics, carbs and fat. Nevertheless, you end up feeling satiated, light and filled with energy at the same time.

I believe we should give it a try!




This Original Japanese Breakfast menu includes:

Rice Seasoning
Mushrooms and Bracken
Boiled and half-dried whitebait
Seasoned Cod roc
Japanese pickles
Boiled vegetables
Simmered pork and potatoes
Salad – dressing
Miso Soup
Japanese style Omelet
Dried and Grilled Mackerel with Salt
Rice or Rice Porridge
Steamed Fish Paste
Sesame Tofu

All the portions are pretty small though, that is why you end up feeling very light.









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