Step Thirteen – Week 13: Basic Principles to a Healthy Flat Gut!

Three Basic Principles to a Healthy Flat Gut!


MAIN PRINCIPLE: To obtain a healthy flat gut you always have to remember that exercise helps a lot and keeps you healthy but the food we eat is the main issue here. According to health professionals, the percentage is:

80% Food
20% Exercise

Three Basic Principles to a Healthy Flat Gut

Principle 1. Eat Probiotics
Check Steps Twelve, Eleven and Ten where information about having a healthy micro biome you will find.
Probiotics are living bacteria that provide benefits by assisting in digestion and promoting a healthy immune status. These living bacteria are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium which are found in these foods:

Fermented soybean products
             Tamari sauce – Japan
                 Fermented Tofu – comes from condensed soy milk

Fermented beverages
     Kombucha – Tea

Greek Yoghurt – no sugar
       Coconut Kefir

Fermented Vegetables
     Kimchi – Korean fermented vegetables


Aged Cheese


 Parmesan        Roquefort         Blue Cheese       Camembert

Traditional Buttermilk


For example, you can have a yoghurt and a fruit smoothie for breakfast and then, later on, you can prepare a healthy snack with some fruit (apple, pear, banana, peach) and a nice slice of parmesan cheese.

Include fermented foods as often as you can. The fermentation process of vegetables enables the growth of the probiotics Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Make sure they are fermented with sea salt and no vinegar, and that the probiotics you eat have no sugar in them because sugar feeds bad bacteria and vinegar kills good bacteria.  (Except Apple Cider Vinegar.  See Step Ten)

Principle 2. Eat Prebiotics.
Prebiotics are probiotics fuel and food which they need to multiply and function. Here they are:


               Chicory Root
                 Dandelion Greens
                   Bell pepper




Whole Grains

Prebiotics intake guaranties dietary fibre ingestion because the later is found in most Prebiotics. Fibre can help you control your hunger by making you satisfied for longer periods of time, and therefore you eat less.


Soluble Fibre
Brussels Sprouts

Insoluble Fibre: “Cleans you up” and makes you regular resulting in a healthy gut.
Whole grains

For example:  Oatmeal with apple sauce topped with sliced bananas for breakfast.   Jicama with lemon juice and chili powder (chile piquin) as a snack.

Principle 3. “Clean Up”
Antibiotics, smoking, alcohol, and distress can affect your gut balance. Limit their intake as much as possible. Relaxation and breathing techniques, exercise, and yoga are some effective ways to manage and reduce distress.


I am Love … I am Success!



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