In Mexico, we prepare many different kinds of Guacamole. Here are three recipes I am sure you’ll love because they are very easy to prepare, they are incredibly healthy, nutritious, and they help reducing inflammation and visceral fat.


Smash one AVOCADO with a fork. Add some LIME OR LEMON JUICE and SALT to taste.
That’s it!!!   Enjoy!!!




You can have it with some tortilla chips, or toast, or it can also be served on the side of beef, fish, chicken, …

If you like garlic, adding a small squeezed garlic will make your guacamole even more nutritious. You can also add some chopped green chiles (Serrano Chile or Jalapeño), onion and cilantro (coriander)

Chile generates happy endorphins and it is a Vitamin C great source.




2 Green Tomatoes cut into small pieces
2 Green Chiles (Serrano chile or Jalapeño)
1 small piece of Onion
1 small Garlic
Sea salt to taste
Lime or Lemon juice to taste
1/4 cup of water


Put all the ingredients in the blender for 15 seconds.  

20180415_125805.jpg   Turn it off and add 2 medium size AVOCADOS. Blend for another 10 seconds.

20180415_130358.jpg    Pour the resulting mix into a nice bowl and top it with some minced CILANTRO.



This guacamole is usually used as a sauce on top of tacos, tostadas, beef, fish, …


1 Avocado
1 Tomato
1/4 small Onion
1 Green Chile (Serrano or Jalapeño)
Minced Cilantro
Lime or Lemon juice to taste
Salt to taste

Cut everything into small cubes (dices).

20180415_134512.jpgMix it all in a bowl.
That’s it!!!     Enjoy!


This tasty fresh recipe can be used as a salad to accompany anything you may want or like. It can also be used to prepare some guacamole tacos with some fresh Mexican cheese such as Panela cheese.


I am Love … I am Suceess!


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