Lemony Fish

Lemony Fish

1.  At low heat, in a non-stick pan fry half a cup dried BREADCRUMBS and one LEMON ZEST in 1 tablespoon OLIVE OIL until golden brown and crispy.  Put them aside.



2.   Salt and pepper one FISH FILET, add a small squeezed GARLIC (dry or fine chopped garlic can also be used) and fry in the same pan until cooked.  It is not necessary to add more olive oil.



3.   Once the fish has a golden colour, add half a cup LIME JUICE, small MUSHROOMS, and OLIVES.  Add some more salt and pepper to taste.  Add half a cup water and let it reduce.



4.   Serve fish with all the resoultig lime sauce on top of some lettuce salad and sprinkle the previously fried breadcrumbs on top.





More ideas:  Enrich lettuce salad adding some cherry tomatoes, avocado, Parmesan cheese, and whatever else you may like.  If you really love lime and lemon, fry some breaded seedless lemon slices altogether with breadcrumbs.


Easy, fast, delicious, with all the nutritious, reducing and antioxidant benefits of lime.  Aside from the protein variety coming from mushrooms and fish.

I am Love … I am Success!!!









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