A healing delicious recipe to share!

A healing delicious recipe to share with loved ones!

Hi! Everybody!  How are you all?  How are you doing with your weight-loss program?  This week we are going to skip a Step.  Because this is a time to love, a time to share, a time to forgive, a time to be grateful.

So let’s share and spend time with our loved ones around a good meal.  Let’s cook something new, something good and healthy with our friends and family, and enjoy their company and the great food we are to prepare all together!

Some weeks ago, a new nephew of mine, Alonso, shared with me his favourite Mum’s recipe: Almond Rice.

This is a Colombian recipe which has some Lebanese influence.  I decided to add it to our weight-loss program because aside from being extremely delicious it has three main ingredients which help our bodies heal and burn fat: coconut oil, cinnamon and almonds.

This is Katia Lavergne’s – Alonso’s Mum – delicious marvellous recipe:


1 boneless chicken breast

3 cinnamon sticks

Salt or powder chicken broth (cubes) to taste 

Boil these three ingredients in just enough water to cover the chicken breast until cooked.  Take the breast out and cut it into cubes.  Save the resulting broth.

1 cup Almonds

2 cups Water

In a small bowl boil 1 cup of almonds with 2 cups of water for 10 minutes.  Turn the heat off and let still until cold.  The more they remain in the water the better since they will be easier to peel.  Peel the almonds and cut them into halves alongside.  Save the water. 

1 cup white rice

2 big white onions cut into slices

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


In a big none stick-pan caramelized onions with a little bit of extra virgin coconut oil.



Make sure onions have a golden brown beautiful colour before adding rice previously soaked in warm water and drained.   Fry them together until rice is dry and transparent.  Add some more coconut oil if necessary.  



Once fried add the water in which the almonds were boiled (it must be about 1 cup) and the chicken breast broth previously saved (about 2 cups).  Check salt.  Add some minced fresh parsley to give a fresh flavour.  



Let boil at high heat until liquid is almost evaporated, then reduce heat and cover with a lid until liquid has completely absorbed and rice is dry and done.  Sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top. 



Toast almonds until crispy, add chicken breast cubes and some extra virgin coconut oil and fry them together for a few more minutes.  Check salt and season to taste.  



Then add some of the breast broth previously saved and a little bit of olive oil, cover the pan with a lid and let it boil until completely dry and crispy.


Serve rice with chicken breast cubes and almonds on top.  Decorate with some parsley leaves and cherry tomatoes to give some colour.


Dearest Katia,

Thanks a lot for your delicious marvellous recipe!!!



I am Love … I am Success!
















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