Jamaica Fish

Jamaica Fish

1. Boil 3 cups of water with 1 cup DRIED JAMAICA FLOWERS for 10 minutes to obtain two cups of concentrated jamaica water.  Drain and reserve.



2.  In a non-stick pan fry some DRIED JAMAICA FLOWERS and DRIED CRANBERRIES in 1 tablespoon OLIVE OIL. Put them aside once they’re crispy.



3. Same pan, no more oil: Fry one previously with salt and pepper seasoned FISH FILET, once it has a golden colour add the resulting concentrated jamaica water, some DRIED CRANBERRIES, a DRIED RED CHILE cut into slices, WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, SALT and PEPPER to taste.

4.  Let sauce reduce for a few minutes.

5.  Serve with some lettuce salad on the side and sprinkle the crispy jamaica flowers and cranberries previously fried on top.

Note:  Adding ALMONDS and PECANS to enrich this recipe is a good idea due to the extra flavour they apport and the fact that they contain good fat that burns bad fat, as it will be shown in Step 11. 




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