Step Seven – Week Seven

Step Seven – Week Seven

Fruits and Fresh Greens and Vegetables Once a Week

DETOX is in!  The word DETOX is heard everywhere nowadays.   This term has been used by doctors, nutritionists and some healthcare companies in order to sell us their services and a bunch of products which promise to “clean” our systems from all those “toxins” we ingest every day.  “Toxins” like:

Fat, saturated fat, sugar, dairy, flours, red meat, alcohol, coffee, …

The question here, nevertheless, remains to be if these products are actually that toxic to our bodies.  We human beings have been consuming them forever.  I myself have always believed moderation to be the  Golden Key.  The protein, carbohydrates and fat contained in those products are needed by our bodies to be able to work and grow properly, just not in excess.

Those toxins are said to generate an acid environment in our organisms which is definitely not good because such an environment is susceptible to cancer and other diseases. On the other hand, fresh greens, vegetables and fruits are said to produce an alkaline environment that just the opposite it is. 

The truth, as it is explained in the book I am Love … I am Success, is that neither environment is good for our bodies.  The ideal state is a neutral one: 7 PH – neither acid nor alkaline.  What does this mean?  Well, it means Moderation is the Golden Key.  As Aristotle stressed thousands of years ago: “A good habit is the midpoint between excess and defect.” * 

Subsequently, this good habit recommended in Step Six, increasing fresh greens, vegetables and fruits in our daily diet helps to balance our PH.  Moreover, having nothing else but only fresh greens and/or vegetables and/or fruits once a week shall naturally “clean or detox” our bodies keeping them in a constant homeostasis state which in turn shall lead to having magnificent health. *

In addition,  this good habit is proven to be very helpful to our digestive system which shall start working like a Swiss watch and obviously, in consequence, to our weight-loss process.

So, let’s start enjoying our fruits and vegetables!

I am Love … I am Success! 

*More about homeostasis and Aristotle’s good habits in the book I am Love … I am Success.


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