New Decree

New decree

“I am protected by Divine Love”


Analyze and review your feelings, then choose the best decree (affirmation) for yourself. Answering the next questions will be helpful:

Are you oversensitive?

Do you feel fear and need for protection?  Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and resistance to forgive. 

Do you run away from your feelings?

Do you feel insecure?

Do you reject yourself?  You don’t like how you are.  

Are there some parts of you, of your body, that you don’t like?

Are you seeking fulfilment?   And all your efforts seem vain?

You don’t accept yourself.

Do you feel unloved?

Do you feel rejected by friends, family, partners, couples?

Do you consider yourself fat?

Someone or a lot of people told you or implied over and over again that you were fat?

Do you feel people criticize or make fun of you?

Are you sad or angry about something or with someone?  Is there any kind of resentment inside you?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, the book I am Love … I am Success will help you unravel those feelings in order to transform them into real positive and good ones which will actually help you fulfil everything there is you want.

I am Love … I am Success!  


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