Step Four – Week Four to losing weight

Step Four – Week Four

to losing weight



We have already stated that sugar is considered a “white poison” as well as salt.

Such thing as completely eliminating sugar from our lives is just out of the question and unnecessary. We are only going to reduce as much as possible the amount of sugar we ingest.

For instance, since we are already drinking two litres of unsweetened water – tea – a day, we will drink the rest of our beverages like coffee, sodas, … even buzz with no sugar as well, this doesn’t mean Baileys is forbidden, we will simply drink it with less frequency or reduce the amount.

Coffee for example, if you like drinking coffee with 1tsp. sugar, start by reducing it to 3/4tsp. Then after a couple of days to 1/2tsp., and so on, until you drink it with no sugar at all.

Also, cut the sugar in the rest of your beverages. If you feel like having a soda, drink some mineral water with lemon instead. Or choose one among the flavours that we suggested before. (Step Two)

Eliminate sugar and sweeteners from all your beverages so you can have dessert. This practice will allow and train your palate to enjoy real flavours, too, because reducing sugar enhances food flavours instead of covering them up.

In case you are the kind of person who loves having something sweet at the end of a meal or anytime during the day, balancing sweets and desserts in your daily diet would bring you better results. First, start by reducing the amount of sugar with which they are made. Second, have them only once a day, the earlier the better, to make sure you have enough time to use the sugar calories as energy.

Preparing your own desserts would be the best choice because that way you will always be able to reduce the amount of sugar with which you make them as much as you want. If cooking is not your thing, you could either buy desserts reduced in sugar or you can eat half the amount you normally do.

Remember: Sugar turns into fat!
Sugar, a form of carbohydrates, is quickly converted to energy. If sugar calories are not used as energy shortly after they are consumed, however, they are converted into stored body fat by the liver. One form of sugar, fructose, may be more dangerous and more likely to be stored as body fat than other types of sugar. Therefore, sugar excess besides being converted into fat also damages our liver.

Extra recommendations:
1. Cut sugar, not fat
2. Keep the fruit, ditch the processed sugar. Prepare desserts made out of fresh fruit and use bee honey instead of sugar.
3. Sugar can clog your arteries


New recipe: Low Sugar Rustic Apple Pie!…/low-sugar-r…/

New decree:…/…/new-decree/

New suggestions: We are what we think! So, you shall continue having positive thoughts! (p. 88 I am Love … I am Success)

Continue practising the meditation shown in Step Three. Once you have deeply felt your own love for yourself, visualize yourself as thin as you want to be.

When we really love ourselves, taking care of our bodies and health feels completely effortless.

I am Love … I am Success!




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