Step Three – Week Three to losing weight


STEP 3 = the most important of them all it is!


Think whatever it is that you want to be
the Universe will grant you that wish!!!


Do you really want to lose weight?

Ask yourself the next questions:
     *Do I really want to lose weight?
     *No matter what?

Now, find some MOTIVATION. Something that drives you …

Ok, now, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Deeply inhale and exhale three times. Feel how your body relaxes with each breath … Now, visualize a very bright pink and violet light coming down from above, covering up your whole body … Feel the light’s warmth entering your body … Feel your heart beating softly and strongly … Feel how your own love grows stronger with every heartbeat, reaching each and every corner of your body … Continue breathing softly … Feel your LOVE for yourself …

This is your first and utmost MOTIVATION: YOU!
Do it for yourself. For you. For you to be better, to be stronger, to be healthier … to then succeed in every single thing that you want … for you to have the very best in life.

For you to have the very best in life though, you need to start by giving your body the very best, by giving it the very best care.

Your body is a temple to be worshipped!

Hence, the time has come to change our thoughts. We will start by getting rid of this kind of thoughts:
     “I am fat”
     “I eat a pea and gain a pound”
     “I am always gaining weight no matter what I eat”
     “I have always been fat”
     “I am fat because my parents are fat” …
     And so on.

Those thoughts are gone. Gone and forgotten. Therefore we will bring new positive good happy thoughts to our minds. Thoughts, affirmations, decrees like:

     I love and approve of myself
     I am at peace with my own feelings
     I am safe where I am
     I create my own security

These are to be repeated until you feel them deep inside your minds and bodies … until you feel them and believe them to be true.*

Remember: Your thoughts do not have a mind of their own, you control them, you create them.
(The book I am Love … I am Succes explains how do our thoughts and affirmations work and how do they affect our bodies)

Most importantly, we are going to go through the whole weight-loss process loving ourselves with all our love. This is why we are not torturing ourselves with horrid diets. Diets are the worst ever. That’s why fat people are always dieting and are always fat. Because they diet for some time and as soon as they end or give up on the diet, they gain all the weight back and even more. Post-diet rebound it is called. As far as I’m concerned, the worst is that as soon as we hear the word diet we immediately get hungry and craving. Without mentioning how expensive a diet can be due to everything we have to buy and the doctor’s or nutritionist’s fees.

Therefore: We are not to diet. The word diet is totally out of our vocabulary, long gone and forgotten. As well as scales, get rid of them. They both just make us anxious and nervous.

We are going to take care of our bodies with love and compassion, loving ourselves, without suffering. First of all by changing our thoughts, then our habits and customs and attitudes. Not obsessively but peacefully and easily.

Then, just like that, with no awareness whatsoever, that first motivation we thought of will be fulfilled.

Changing habits takes time but a lifetime they will last, then relax, and thin we will forever be.

Focus on your thoughts, happy positive thoughts!!!

The whole Universal Power in our thoughts it is: where the impossible is possible!!!


I am Love … I am Success!


Warning: Food can become an addiction, (Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour) I am Love … I am Success, Chapter IV

Note: The book I am Love … I am Success takes you through the whole loving yourself process.

*More affirmations will be given in the next Steps.


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