Step two – Week two


Hi everybody! How are you doing?!

Are you feeling better already?!

Or, do you feel nothing is happening yet?  If this is the case, DO NOT WORRY, it is normal.  Remember, this is a step by step process.  Besides, every human body is different, every single body reacts differently, some bodies respond faster while some others respond slower.

Keep going, do not give up on yourselves! Give yourselves a chance!

Well, it is time to advance to our next step.


Water purifies!!!

Drink two litres (8 cups) of water a day.

Since you are already drinking 2 cups in the morning, it will be a lot easier for you to complete 8 cups: Only 6 more cups to go!

Again, adding some flavour if you don’t like plain water is always exciting and new! You can continue drinking your favourite cold tea during the rest of the day such as lemon or jamaica.  Another option is drinking different tea flavours during the day.

Just adding some fresh ingredients to your water will make it more refreshing and will never be boring.

For example:

Add some fresh mint leaves to a jar of water. Let it still for a few hours before drinking.

Other ingredients you can add to water:

  • The well-known cucumber slices
  • Lemon slices and/or lemon zest
  • Orange slices and/or orange zest
  • Grapefruit slices and/or grapefruit zest
  • Any kind of berries.  If you add cherries cut them in half
  • Any combination of the above
  • Anything your imagination comes to


LEMON IS A WONDERFUL ANTIOXIDANT.  Antioxidants help our skin and bodies look and feel younger!…/14/lemon-tea/

Hence, we will be adding some lemon drops or as much lemon juice as we want to our morning tea to increase its effects as well as to the water we are to drink during the day (besides the flavour you have chosen)

Mineral Water: a great option it is! Instead of plain water or you can always alternate.…/mineral-wat…/

NO SUGAR or any other sweetener, remember!

Ok then. Start drinking water!!! And we’ll meet next week again to see how we are all doing!

Remember: Loving yourselves is the answer!!!

I am Love … I am Success!



NOTE: It is highly recommended to make your own infusions instead of buying them in a box. That is the reason why I have been adding some recipes for you to prepare. Preparing your own teas the way you like them shall be more enjoyable. If you are too busy or you simply don’t like cooking or even entering the kitchen, choose those kinds of teas you can already buy in a box.…/rosemary-tea/




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