Mineral Water


Mineral Water

Mineral Water: a great option it is!

There are some myths about mineral water. It is said to create kidneys’ stones. The truth is the percentage of minerals it has is very low and according to some Medical Doctors, it has nothing to do with stones.

But if you believe it does create stones, do not take any chances: drink plain water and add your favourite flavours and some lemon juice. Or, you can always alternate, drink the same amount of water and as of mineral water, this way there are no chances of creating stones.

If you decide to go for the mineral water, you can add your favourite flavour as well as lemon juice. Remember to buy mineral water with no added sweeteners.

Mineral water reduces cellulitis due to its mineral concentration, draining accumulated fats faster and better.  In my opinion, this is a big enough reason to drink Mineral Water.




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