Lemon Tea

Lemon Tea


Antioxidants help our skin and bodies looking and feeling younger.

A great source of Vitamin C lemon it is. Vitamin C benefits and attributes are also very well known. Knowing that it is a highly effective acid when it comes to burning fat and avoiding diseases such as cancer is our main concern right now though.

Another benefit: Lemon tea helps us reduce and burn fat, and it has a relaxing effect as well, facilitating sleep and keeping us away from the fatty snacks between meals due to anxiety.

We don’t have to talk about the benefits of having a good sleep (REM sleep) either. Concluding: drinking lemon tea is really very efficient in the losing weight process.

Preparing lemon tea:

1 Tsp. Lemon zest
2 cups of water

Boil water and lemon zest for at least 10 minutes. Turn off the stove and let it simmer for another 10 minutes. Drain, and drink hot with no sugar or any other sweetener, remember we are getting used to enjoying the natural wonderful flavour of food and beverages.

Another recipe which is also a wonderful cold and flu remedy:

1 Lemon
1 Cinnamon stick
5 cups of water

Make two cuts on top of the lemon (cross shape) without going all the way down. Boil water and cinnamon stick together for about 10 minutes. Then let it simmer for another 15 minutes. Bring back to the stove and as soon as it starts boiling add the lemon, let boil for just 3 minutes. Squeeze the lemon into the tea. Drink as hot as you can.

As a cold remedy: add some bee honey or Broncolín.

Both lemon and cinnamon effects are combined in this last recipe, increasing our chances to lose weight.

Enjoy and feel the benefits!

REMEMBER: Above all, love yourself!

I am Love … I am Success!!!


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