How to lose weight without dieting!!!

How to lose weight without dieting!!!

Since we want to slowly and easily get used to every part of the process, we will do one step a week.

So! Let’s start!


  1. Drink two glasses of warm water every morning before breakfast. 

This will stimulate your intestines (digestive system) and help them getting clean, eliminating all those toxins and fats we don’t need.  This is an ancient “trick”, it’s grandmother wisdom.

By two glasses I mean two 250 ml, (2 glasses X 250 ml = 500 ml) (1 cup = 250 ml)

If you simply don’t like plain water or you don’t feel like having plain water with an empty stomach, you can add some flavour: Drink (tea) an infusion like:

Cinnamon tea: Helps eliminate and burn fat,  Caution: do not drink a lot of cinnamon tea if you have irritable bowel or any cardiac affection.


Ginger tea: Stimulates, and protects your stomach and intestines from irritable bowel syndrome.


WARNING: Do not add sugar or any other kind of sweetener.  We will learn to enjoy the true real flavour of food and beverages.  Believe me, you will end up loving them that way: sugarless!

REMEMBER: Sugar turns into fat.  Sugar is considered a “white poison”.

Don’t worry though! We will still be eating sugar, but in desserts and in moderation.

I myself, drink 2 cups of ginger tea (no sugar) before breakfast, and while I’m having breakfast I drink coffee (no sugar either) with cinnamon in it.  I love that flavour!

In the meantime, I will be adding some information about the different kinds of tea that are helpful in the losing weight process. 

If you feel like, you can have a cup of ginger tea before every meal or whenever you feel like during the day.  Or a cup of cinnamon tea after your meals.

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Love yourselves!!!  

Most of the time we eat a lot or we don’t take care of ourselves, gaining weight and looking bad, due to psychological reasons (like distress), unsolved issues we’ve been dragging for a long time.  If we discover what those issues are, we start losing weight.  Just like that!

I am Love … I am Success!!!

Thank you, ’till next week!




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