The Traditional Probiotic: SAUERKRAUT

The Traditional Probiotic: SAUERKRAUT



SAUERKRAUT! Delicious! Sausages’, hot dogs’ or fish’s perfect match! The traditional probiotic it is! Eat sauerkraut as often as you can to increase your probiotic intake. (See Step 21)

Homemade Sauerkraut is always better since you can make sure it is fermented by sea salt instead of by regular vinegar. Here is an easy and delicious recipe to prepare your own sauerkraut.

1 Medium Cabbage
2 tsp. Sea Salt
2 Bay Leaves – Laurel Leaves
1 tsp. ground Mustard Seeds
5 Big Fat Peppers – Allspice

1. Remove the outer dry and black layers of the cabbage. Shred cabbage and sprinkle with sea salt.





2. Mix cabbage with hands and leave overnight in a covered crystal or plastic bowl (not metal).
3. Add laurel leaves, ground mustard seeds and peppers. Mix with hands.


4. Stuff the cabbage with all its resulting liquid into a big glass jar previously sterilized (boiled or microwaved). Press the cabbage with a potato masher or any other heavy object for all the liquid to be released. If necessary add a bit of water to completely cover the cabbage.


5. Cover the jar with a tight lid.



6. Leave at room temperature in a dark spot for 2 to 3 weeks. It will be ready when bubbles appear no more. Foam if necessary and store in the freezer.  As time goes by it continues to enhance his flavour.

Ready to enjoy!



I am Love … I am Success!

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