Step 20: Decrease carbs!

Step 20:

Decrease Carbs!




We have reached Step 20 already!

I am pretty sure you have been losing weight if you have followed the 19 previous steps.

Now, we are going to reduce carbohydrates as much as possible.

Just as our bodies need fat to function properly, they need carbohydrates as well. Nevertheless, an excessive amount of carbs will lead to weight gain. Our lifestyle is the most important fact to be considered. It is not that hard though our bodies are wise! They tell us what to do. Listen to your bodies they know best what is right.

Let’s listen to our bodies!
Be sensible without deceiving ourselves and:
Let’s do what they say!

We are going to stimulate the losing weight process! How? Eliminating carbs during one week every month. And increasing protein, eat lots of protein, together with lots of fresh greens, vegetables and fruit: more fresh greens and vegetables than fruit.

Try to combine the animal with the vegetable protein, such as meat and mushrooms, or tuna and avocados, and so on.


Eat only assorted lean meat for example:
Monday: beef filet, Tuesday: chicken breast, Wednesday: fish filet, Thursday: pork filet, Friday: Omega 3 fish like tuna, trout, salmon.

See the entrance:
A protein bomb: Portobello Sandwich

Three times a day eat as much protein and fresh greens and vegetables as you can eliminating all sugar and flour. Just as we did in the first steps of this program.

Remember a high protein breakfast helps to reduce inflammation!

See the entrances:
Baked avocado and egg / Baked tomato and egg
Japanese Breakfast

Protein accelerates the metabolism helping this way to the process of losing weight. At the same time, it aids to build muscle. So, if you increase exercise during this week, you may see incredible results in your bodies because your muscles will be firmer and more toned.

According to several studies made in different Universities in the US about 30 per cent of our calories should come from protein. At that level, we won’t have to worry about deficiencies, and we’ll know we’re getting enough of the nutrient to lose fat while also improving our heart health. If we have some protein at each of our meals and snacks, we’ll hit the target with ease.

Our new challenge:

Eliminate Carbs for one whole week – 5 to 7 days in a row! And let’s see what happens!



I am Love … I am Success!

The book I am Love … I am Success an excellent tool it is to achieve overall health. Remember that people see us how we feel.


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