Why is it that I can’t lose weight?

Why is it that I can’t lose weight?
Why is it so hard for me?
Why did I gain so much weight, in the first place?


These are the kind of questions we ask ourselves every time we want to lose weight. The answer is not as hard as we thought it would be. It is pretty simple.

We don’t love ourselves!

Overweight is the result of distress and anxiety, sadness and depression, frustration and a sense of failure, fear and anger … all caused by a demanding life and society and by a rapid moving never stopping world.

These sensations and feelings of distress, anxiety, sadness, depression, frustration, fear and anger; the sense of failure, entrapment, unaccomplished goals and wishes, … and so forth, the outcome they are of unsolved issues that can go way back in our lives and most importantly the lack of love from myself, from others and towards others.

The answer: Loving ourselves!

Loving and accepting and approving myself in order to be able to love others and then receive love from those others.

As far-fetched as it may seem, loving ourselves is the answer to all our burdens, troubles and problems. When we finally discover those past issues and beliefs and analyze their resulting feelings and sensations, we can start working on them through our own love. With compassion, kindness and tenderness towards ourselves, understanding and accepting ourselves just how we are. Knowing and accepting that we are here to evolve as human and spiritual beings. Constantly feeling gratitude for all the experiences we are to live.

Then, like “magic” our whole lives will start working. Like little miracles happing in our lives. And it all seems to work with no effort at all.

Then, we will start losing weight! Just like that!

And we will be saying:

I am Love … I am Succes!

Everything about loving ourselves and achieving that love in the book: 

I am Love … I am Success!



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