Step Twelve – Week Twelve: Must-dos to reduce inflammation and fat

Must-dos to reduce inflammation and fat


1. Always eat breakfast as soon as you wake or maximum within 90 minutes after waking.  And always include carbs, fibre and protein.
2. Do not skip meals.  What’s more, eating every 3 hours will prevent an excessive acid production benefiting your gut.
3. Combine carbs, protein and fats at every meal.
4. Stay hydrated.  (Steps 1 and 2).
5. Walk
6. Do sit-ups
7. Reduce distress through breathing:  Take long, slow, deep breaths, and slowly let them out. Breathing oxygenates our brains and tissues and helps reducing stress hormones.  Yoga’s main principles are relaxation and breathing, so a wonderful alternative Yoga it is to reduce and manage distress, and therefore, to achieve a flat belly! (Step 9)
8. Take warm baths with salts.
9. Eat slowly and calmly.  Mealtime is a time to enjoy and relax and spend time with loved ones.
10. Adequate sleep is key to a flat belly.  Our sleep affects our microbiome, and vice versa, our microbiome affects our sleep.

Microbiome: We harbour many microorganisms in our digestive tract, most of which reside in our colon. These include bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa.  Most of these organisms do not affect our health.  Many others provide benefits to us by assisting in digestion and promoting a healthy immune status to maintain our good health.  Finally, some of these invade our gut and lead to various infections.  But they can also cause many systemic diseases.

Keeping the balance of the microbiome is vital to our health.

The fundamental issue is having well-balanced eating habits!


I am Love … I am Success!



More about the Immune System in the book I am Love … I am Success…/how-to-lose…/…/step-two-we…/…/step-nine-week-nine/




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