NUTRITION Capsule: RadioFórmula


NUTRITION Capsule:  RadioFórmula – 25j




VARINKA:  One more Capsule by Cristina Aguilera, where she tells us how to automatically improve our health by improving our diet.

CRISTINA:  Hi!  I am Cristina Aguilera.  We will continue talking about how to lose weight without dieting and how to eliminate that extra body fat, especially abdominal fat, which is, in fact, the most dangerous one.   Abdominal fat accumulates around vital organs as well, deteriorating them and affecting their performance.  

Last time, we were talking about those healthy fats which help us to burn bad fats, such as almonds, nuts, walnuts, peanuts;  and also those delicious, nutritious dried fruits like raisins.  Besides the mentioned benefits, they also satiate our appetite, they fill us up, so as a consequence, we are not that hungry anymore and we do not eat that much.  They are also very useful when we are working out and studying due to the energy they generate in our bodies and because they improve neuronal connection.  The brain needs fat to function properly, hence, they enhance our brain capacity.  

Then, every time you feel hungry in-between meals, have some peanuts, walnuts, or dried fruits instead of cookies, bread, ice-cream, or all those foods we know are bad for our health and weight.  

Thanks a lot for listening, until next time. 



I am Love … I am Success!

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