Decree to Reduce Excessive Appetite

Decree to Reduce Excessive Appetite


Our appetite may be altered every time we are feeling stressed or anxious, sad or depressed. Any unbalanced in our feelings have a direct impact on our digestive systems and hence our appetite.

“I am safe.  It os safe to feel.  

My feelings are normal and acceptable


Metaphysics considers the probable cause of excessive appetite to be:  

  • Fear
  • Needing protection
  • Judging the emotions       


We are what we think.   Keep up with the positive, good, happy, joyful thoughts about yourselves, and about the world and the people around you.  Stay away from the negative, bad  people.
Everything you think your reality will become.

Each positive thought a silent prayer it is that will change your life.


I am Love … I am Success!

The book I am Love … I am Success scientifically explains how decrees work in our lives as well as how and why our reality they become.  It also explains why and how love, and above all the love for ourselves, in this process of crucial importance it is.


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