Top Management and diseases

Top Management and diseases


Two things define who and what we are and what we become:

What we think!
What we eat!

We are what we think!
We are what we eat!


We are what we think: The book I am Love … I am Success fully explains the whole thinking process and how it affects our bodies and our overall health.

We are not isolated systems, what we do affects our surroundings, and vice versa our surrounding affects us. To what degree do we let that surrounding interfere with our thoughts, hence with our health our prerogative it is.

We are what we eat: Our overall health is determined as well by our nutrition. What we eat determines the proper functioning of the systems within our bodies.

These so-called executive diseases mainly affecting people with high responsibilities are nothing more but the result of poor customs and habits, malnutrition, and all those misled ideas, beliefs, and most importantly, fears which mined our health.

In this Blog, you will find how our digestive system is as relevant as our brain, how they are connected and how our microbiome affects our vital organs.

Here are some questions you should ask yourselves:

Why executives and top managers are more propense to cardiovascular and digestive diseases?
Why and how our nutrition affects the cardiovascular system?
What can we do to improve our overall health?
Why is nutrition so important to improve our health?
How our thoughts and beliefs affect our overall health?
Why is it so important for high managers to have good health?

I am Love … I am Success!


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