We have to start by loving ourselves to truly love and care for our hairy angels.

Unfortunately, some people get cats (or any other pet) to fill some emptiness in their lives. They want their pets to give them love and happiness, and that is a very heavy burden to be carried by our hairy little angels. Cats, in particular, opposite to what most people believe, are very sensitive, sensible, and intuitive creatures, besides being very sharp, smart, and intelligent.* All these attributes allow them to feel what we are feeling. They feel our sadness, despair, frustrations and distress. That is why so many of them – cats, dogs, pets – are in need of therapy. They are stressed, and as a consequence, they are aggressive or sad or misbehave. They absorb our energy, what’s more, we make them sick. If there is something wrong with us, we transfer our illnesses to them. Whatever we are, they are.

So, if we truly and completely love ourselves, if we are happy, complete, fulfiled, sound and healthy, we will transfer it all to them. They will be peaceful, loving, happy, healthy, complete hairy angels.

So, let’s take care of ourselves!
Let’s love ourselves!
Then we will have a flat belly and a happy cat! Or a happy pet!

*National Geographic once called them Nature’s Master Piece.

I am Love … I am Success!


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