Step Eight – Week Eight

Step Eight – Week Eight


This is your week!!!  This week is for you and for you only!  For you to pamper and take care of yourself and body.  You are going to make yourself more beautiful than you already are.

Do whatever it is that you feel like that will make you look more beautiful and more attractive.

Start by relaxing!  However you may want to achieve relaxation:  Yoga; jogging; running; hiking; working out; playing tennis or watching a tennis match; meditating; cooking your favourite meal, and/or having some friends over; reading your favourite book; going to the stadium to a football, soccer, or rugby game and shouting and swearing out of your lungs during the whole game; if you like adrenaline, doing something extreme like skydiving, or just going to a theme park and doing the rollercoaster or the most “dangerous looking” rides; going out for dinner or coffee or drinks with your best friends; going to a concert or a symphony; having an SPA day, at home or going to the real thing; …

Then do something specific that will make you look more beautiful and attractive such as: getting a new haircut, doing your hair differently, changing the way you usually do your makeup, experimenting with a whole new look, buying a new dress or suit, or a whole new outfit  … Go boldly!

Anyway, whatever makes you look fabulous!!!

Several studies have proven that at least 45% of people say to feel happier whenever they feel or think they look well and beautiful.  Motivating ourselves to continue our renovation will come along a lot easier after this.

Remember we are not only losing weight just because.  Improving our health is the main task in here.  All the steps that are given in this program help our organisms to function a lot better in order to be healthier.  Losing weight will come along as a consequence of achieving this homeostasis state.

The first step of loving ourselves this is.  As it is the first step to achieving the ideal homeostasis state: Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Health altogether, which in turn to happiness and fulfilment will lead us.

Changing your attitude is the main issue here:  

Your thoughts positive shall be!

Feel beautiful, act beautifully, as beautiful people do!

Feeling beautiful is the key!

Feel how everything you are doing has an enormously beneficial impact on your bodies making you stronger and healthier as a result.

This whole new attitude belongs exclusively to those who are successful.  Then, happier, fulfiled and successful we all shall be!

I am Love … I am Success!


Note: The book I am Love … I am Success explains more extensively how our thoughts affect our health and it shows you the way to loving yourselves and achieving the ideal homeostasis state. 



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