Decree 3 to losing weight




Remeber you shall have positive thoughts all the time.  If you catch yourself having negative or bad or ugly thoughts about yourself and your body:  CHANGE THEM RIGHT AWAY!!!  IMMEDIATELY!!!

Change them for POSITIVE, GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS, simple thoughts such as:

I am thin!

I am thin and beautiful!

I love my body!

As you repeat them visualize yourself just that same way.

Even if you believe this kind of affirmations to be a joke, because you have a very different self-concept, keep repeating them until you believe them to be true until you feel them deep, deep, deep inside your brains and bodies.  Then, you shall see the effects!

Check up the book I am Love … I am Success to find out more about positive and negative thoughts and the effects they have in our minds and bodies.

I am Love … I am Success! 


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