Do you want to have a wonderful 2018?

Do you want to have a wonderful 2018?  

I knew it! I knew you were going to say:  YES!!! OF COURSE!!!

OK! Great! Let’s do it!  Let’s have a wonderful year altogether.  All of us, together, are going to make this 2018 one year to remember.  How?  Step by step starting now, we – myself and all of you – are going to advance and help each other to do the same into a great and wonderful year.  

We need to start with ourselves, working with ourselves.  I am pretty sure that you have received tons of good wishes for this coming year:  

“I wish you a Merry Christmas”  

“I wish you have a great year, filled with love, health, money, success, …”  

Those wishes are great, but they are just that: wishes.  Wishes we just expect them to happen.  And guess what? They normally never happen, because we don’t make them happen.  From all the best wishes I got during this season, my real favourite was this particular one that said something like this:

“Wishing you a wonderful year is magical, childish and utopistic.  Instead, I wish you learn to love yourself just as you are; and I wish that love is big enough to fight a lot of battles, to be humble, to never say “I can’t”, to know when to say “I don’t want to”, to face your fears in order to defeat them, to be tolerant of others and with yourself, to not punish yourself for the mistakes you make – you are not all mighty, to grow, to become a better human and spiritual being, to be happy no matter what, to make happiness the way and not the goal.”   

In resume, we have to start by LOVING OURSELVES!

HOW? First, by buying the book:  I am Love … I am Success, which guides you through the whole process of loving yourself.

And second, by following this Blog, where we are going to start taking care of ourselves, which one of the main ways of loving ourselves it is.

TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES initiating by losing those extra pounds – kilos – we gained during this last holiday season.  You do not have to be nervous though because we ARE NOT going to be dieting, we are not going to suffer, we are not to refuse ourselves from anything, we will still be eating everything.  We will just learn to do it differently, in moderation, and we will also do it within a step by step process so that it will not be felt as a heavy burden, au contraire, it will be nice, easy and enjoyable.  Moreover, since it will be a step by step slow but continuous process we won’t even realize we are truly working on ourselves because we will be getting used to doing it all one thing at a time, so that will make it a very easy to adopt process.  

Losing weight, besides making us look fabulous, will make us healthier, will make us feel better and stronger, in consequence, we will also be more confident and sure of ourselves.   In addition, everybody around us will notice it even though they don’t say it.  In this way, we will be starting our own process to make our year wonderful since we will have the energy and enthusiasm to make it happen!


How to lose weight without dieting!!! 



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