Cristina Aguilera: I am Love … I am Success

Cristina Aguilera: I am Love … I am Success


Hi, everybody! I am Cristina Aguilera, not the great singer to whom I grant all my admiration due to her extraordinary voice and talent.  I am not that famous.  I’m just a Coach who recently wrote a book about LOVE and how to achieve SUCCESS through that love.   Just because I feel the need to send a message of LOVE to the world.  I want people to know that LOVE can heal every ailment we have and achieve anything we want.  I want people who are in pain to know they are not alone in the world, I want them to know that there is someone who cares for them and wants to help and support.  Because I, myself, have also gone through a lot of pain in my life, and I really got to know what it feels to live it all alone by myself.  Thereby, I want to share my feelings and experiences, and most importantly, the knowledge they have given me, so that no one else must go through that pain and confusion without help and companion, hoping we can all together develop and share LOVE all around us, and perhaps this wonderful incredible world can become a better one.

Basic Principle:

                                              LOVE can get you anything

LOVING ourselves is how everything starts and we will devote this space to achieving that LOVE.

I’m from Mexico, “The land of love and romance,” — or so they say —  but this will be about real, serious LOVE.

My full name is Cristina Aguilera Camarena.  Camarena is my mother’s family name, which we always use in Mexico, at the end of the rest of our names.  And today I’m writing from the beautiful and magical city of Acapulco.  From where I’m sitting down I can fully admire the whole Acapulco Bay all along with the vast blue Pacific Ocean.  Believe me, it is a spectacular view!

I am lucky and grateful to be here!  I am in this great Port working: having fun and enjoying myself working!  I’m teaching Diplomate Courses at the Universidad Americana de Acapulco and giving Lectures about how to achieve and develop our own love, and how to use that love for personal then Corporate Growth and Development using NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) techniques.  Ultimately, developing that LOVE into efficient leadership to implementing Strategic Planning.

The name of my book:

                                                    I am Love … I am Success

It states the relevance of LOVING ourselves giving the scientific basis of the consequences this LOVE has in our brains and subsequently in our bodies.  This is mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Well, too much of an introduction now.  I hope we will find each other in this space very soon with something interesting and helpful to share.


                                                                                                      See you very soon,


                                                                                                         Cristina Aguilera



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